Is There a Detox Headache Remedy?

Great question, so let’s dive in. When the body is abstaining from something it is use to regularly consuming whether it’s caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or sugar, a mild to moderate to even severe (deepening on the addiction level) headache can occur. When it comes to a sugar related headache, it is not the actual sugar molecule that causes an individual to develop a headache but the sudden change in ones body blood sugar level that causes the headache. Whether you consume too much and experience hyperglycemia or too little and experience hypoglycemia, a headache can follow. Keeping your blood sugar leveled is important. To do this while detoxing from sugar, I recommend 1 tablespoon of either almond butter or coconut butter to have on hand. Consuming a healthy fat (with no added sugar or refined oils) stabilizes the blood sugar and prevents the spike while leveling out the headache or mood swings that might be occurring.

Natural anti-inflammatory properties can be found in ginger, lemon, and turmeric especially when combined together to make a delicious and meditate tea!

How Long Can Headaches from Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

But, what about sugar addition and its association to the brain?

This is called sugar withdrawal headache. We often see this playing out when an individual has a stronger addiction to sugar, meaning they have regularly consumed high amounts of sugar for a period of time and have now quit cold turkey. To prevent severe headaches, fatigue, or even flu like symptoms, I recommend eliminating only added added sugar first then work up to natural sugar to perform my 10 Day Sugar Detox Program. But, why do we get this headache? Studies have shown that when one is chronically exposed to high amounts of sugar, the brain makes less dopamine and dopamine plays an important role in pleasure, motivation, and mood. This leads to mood irritability and even withdrawal induced headaches. Finally, in 2009, a team of scientist from Boston College and University of Montreal linked excess glucose (sugar molecule) to decreased cognitive function and increase in memory loss.

How to Cure the Sugar Detox Headache.

When it comes to protecting your brain and its health, do not let a headache interfere with you and your wellness goals! When my headache is at its worst, I like to drink a warm anti-inflammatory tea.

Whether this is your first sugar detox or a monthly wellness ritual to keep you on track, we cannot escape the unavoidable and ever annoying headache that follows. Why does this occur and how can we treat it holistically? In this blog , I am unpacking the science behind the headache and a recipe that will knock it out, so you can keep on keeping on!