19 Incredible Essential Oils for Detoxing Heavy Metals

The last area that we are commonly exposing ourself is in what we are ingesting, in what we're eating so focusing on eating more whole foods from the earth, organic when possible. Also drinking more clean water. Now I love to add our citrus oils to water which I'll explain more in a moment, but really when you're focusing on your water intake, you wanna be looking at having at least half your body weight in ounces. That's gonna keep everything moving and circulating and going to help your body in excreting things that have been sitting in your tissues.

I also like the opportunity that comes with doing a cleanse to really look at our daily routines and our rituals and some of those habits that are just on autopilot and it gives us a chance to really think about what's no longer serving us when it comes to our health. So, think about doing that cleanse program sometime this year when you want to really focus on your taking your body a little bit deeper and cleansing.

Topically this oil, Juniper Berry, reduces the appearance of skin blemishes. It's also a great skin toner, so this is why it's found in our detox face mask. I also love using Juniper Berry as part of a detox bath recipe which I'll share with you right now. Includes two cups of Epsom salts, half a cup of backing soda and then five drops of Juniper Berry and I like to add the Juniper Berry oil to either a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil or I'll use our natural body wash. I'll squeeze a little bit of that into my hand with the oil. This is gonna help it disperse throughout the water.

I've been educating and coaching within the health space for over 10 years and when I was first introduced to doTERRA, I knew that these tools were the ones that had been missing. And have the access to the purest essential oils in the world really does give us an advantage. So, I'm grateful to have this time with you today to look at simple ways that we can support our body in cleansing on a daily basis and how we can also reduce our exposure to toxins that distract our body from really functioning at a higher more optimal level.

Now you may have heard me say constituent a few times during our time together. Constituents are, if you wanna think of them as the powerhouse ingredients within the plant oil. They are what go to work in the body to do specific things and when we talk about a constituent like limonene, we begin to understand that this is why not all essential oils are equal. So, if someone is buying their essential oils elsewhere, let's say they're not using doTERRA, they have to have a way of understanding what is actually making up that essential oil. They would need to have access to something like a GCMS report to be able to see the actual constituent components of that oil they're using. Now not every company is as transparent as doTERRA and I'm not sure if you knew this, but you can take your bottle of Lemon let's say and you can go to our Source to You website and you can take a look at the exact constituents that are in our Lemon. So, there you would see that limonene is the highest spike so as we move into this conversation about detoxing, what we're really looking at is having the benefits of that limonene constituent. Okay so back to limonene. It's a heavily researched monoterpene and it's known for its cleansing abilities and its ability to support cell function.*

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So internally, doTERRA has made this blend in a soft gel. It's actually phase one of our Cleanse and Restore program so we have a cleanse and restore kit in doTERRA which moves through three different phases to support the body in cleansing and Zendocrine is featured in phase one. Now a little warning, you will have geranium burps with this so just a heads up, but you'll get used to it. Topically, I recommend this as a massage oil.

Hi friends, I'm Ange Peters. I'm the founder of WholeFIT and a double diamond leader here in Canada, which is basically just short form for I believe deeply in what we offer people. I want to begin by expressing my gratitude for the access that we have through doTERRA to truly impact our health.