Green Tea vs. Black Tea (Which is Better for Detox

The antioxidants found in GREEN TEA (catechins such as EGCG & ECG) have been found to assist general liver function, and protect the liver from the damaging effects of toxic substances such as alcohol. (Reference)

The first line of defence against toxins for the body is your liver. Your liver acts like a filter to remove the toxins from certain foods and drinks, and from the environment, from your blood.

This green tea option is a little different to the traditional tea leaves as it comes in individual sachets of a crystalised powder, so you can pour it straight into your water bottle or tea cup – no brew time, no wait!

Drinking plenty of water and including your green tea antioxidants means that you’re also helping to protect the body from the free radicals that cause cellular damage and inflammation, thus assisting in the promotion of health, and the prevention of disease.

What’s more, every single serve has a MEASURED DOSE of antioxidants. This is super important as all of the green tea health benefits are dose-dependent. There’s no guess work with this range…LEARN MORE.

Not only is Green Tea in 3 Seconds grown organically, it has been put through a second purification process where every single trace of heavy metal, pollutant or pesticide is removed at a molecular level before packaging. Yep, it’s completely free from nasties!

While detoxing is a great concept, it can also be very misleading. There are many detox products out there that promise the world and in reality deliver very little, and there’s a very good reason for that…

Now that we’re over 40, we recognise that we need to make some changes to our lifestyle, so we’ve compromised and added a glass of mineral water and lemon to our repertoire right next to our glass of wine… this is grown up stuff!