"If you can manage the 28 days, you will change the way you eat and you will change what you want to eat forever!" Carol promises. I believe her. She makes sense.

The Working Mom: Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home (US/Canada Edition)

Friends, family, and colleagues, think I'm mad. They find this all very amusing. But we'll see who's laughing on February 14. I've had to swap all my usual foods for healthy ones. I've stocked up on fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken and got to grips with non-wheat bread and pasta.

Detox-Wochenplan: Entgiftung auf die Schnelle |

But it'll be a long time till I eat brown rice again - even if I'm told it is the most effective power cleanser for the gut!

I had been exercising regularly at the gym, but seemed to let it slip at the very first sighting of a Christmas tree.

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I lasted until day 5, finally coming out the other end, feeling healthier, lighter, glow-ier, with the promise to myself I was turning vegan. Forever.

Days 9-13: Feeling far more satisfied on the new detox diet, and keeping up the early morning exercise and body brushing regime.

The smart girl's way to lose weight.