The digital detox rules.

For many of us, a digital detox starts with resetting our balance with our smartphones. Kick off your phone detox with the steps above and enjoy more time, better focus and productivity. Are you ready to put your phone in its place?

4/ Buy an alarm clock.

Smartphone Detox - It is time to simplify your phone

Our realistic digital detox doesn’t require you make the switch to a dumbphone (though, that’s always an option) . All you need to undertake this detox is a willingness to use your phone less.

I’m a big social media fan. I use Twitter a lot, as well as WhatsApp and Telegram to stay in touch with people. In the evening I put my phone next to the landline in the hall and I feel a sense of panic – like losing your child in a supermarket – every time I realise my phone’s not on me.

Reasons to Do a Digital Detox - Verywell Mind

On silent, out of sight.

1.Turn off unnecessary notification alerts.

Roger Frampton , 33, is a personal trainer and Instagram influencer who specialises in bodyweight exercises. He lives in Hertfordshire with his girlfriend.