Your liver and kidneys are designed to filter out harmful substances in your body. To some extent, even your skin and lungs can do work to protect the body from harmful toxins.

A lot of detox diets have people eliminate certain foods that are believed to cause the buildup of toxins.

Your body is already doing a great job of filtering toxins out of your system. The detox side effects you could get from diets and products are severe enough to make anyone think twice about doing them.

People that live in today's world have legitimate concerns about the chemicals we put into our bodies.

We encourage everyone that's interested in losing weight and "purifying" their body to eat right and exercise. That's more than enough to help your body and improve your health.

On the off chance that your body does have something dangerous or toxic inside of it, you'd need help from a doctor or medical professional. A green drink or detox pills can't help you fight truly toxic substances.

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Some people will, in fact, want to do a shorter detox, lacking the will power to make it through the weekend without pizza and a few beers. This is fine – they just won’t get as much benefit from the shorter course.