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Literally, spring renews life. Therefore, this period is excellent to clean and detoxify our body, too. We should not want to get a ‘dream body’ in 1 or 2 days, though, because – let’s face it – it just never works. However, a few days or a week of mindful detoxing helps a lot to get rid of the cumulated toxins and to rejuvenate.

Although a detox once or twice per year is extremely beneficial for the body, I would still recommend maintaining an on-going healthy lifestyle in general. We, by which I mean Spa & Wellness lovers, should be a good example of a healthy way of life. I do believe that we should try every day to make the continuous detox part of our daily and weekly routine, which will result in a better well-being and overall health.

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Way 1: The toxins may go to the kidneys to get filtered and then out from the body through the bladder and urine.

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