The 21-Day Weight Loss Breakthrough Diet: Download the

Day 4: Eat Avocado + Drink Strawberry-Mint Water.

Day 6: Eat Broccoli + Drink Black Tea.

Day 1: Eat a Kale Salad + Drink eight glasses of Water.

21 Day Detox Diet - ashley snowden

By adding just a few slices of cucumber to your drinking water, you get an ultra-refreshing taste while working toward your daily water goal. Artichokes stimulate bile production, helping the body digest more efficiently and eliminating fat.

Take the next 21 days to commit to your goals. Join us for our healthy detox challenge by incorporating these food and drink combos into your diet.

21 day detox diet plan | Detox & Body Cleanse

Strawberry- and mint-infused water is a delicious blend and one of our most refreshing favorites. Simply slice a few strawberries and add a few sprigs of mint to some water and chill for one hour for a refreshing cleanse. Meanwhile, avocados provide heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Fortunately, these are anti-inflammatory and can reduce damage caused by inflammatory saturated fats.

Day 18: Eat Grapefruit + Drink Lettuce and Orange Juice.

Healthy Detox Prep.