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The Liver functions to: 1. Filter, detoxify, and nourish blood; 2. Regulate amount of blood in circulation, release blood when needed and store blood until needed; 3. Store sugar in the form of glycogen, released into the body as glucose when extra metabolic energy is needed; 4. Manufacture enzymes essential for optimum immunity; 5. Store all toxins the body takes in; 6. Receive all amino acids extracted from food by small intestine then recombine amino acids to synthesize various forms of protein required for growth and repair of bodily tissue; 7. Harmonize emotions and prevent emotional stagnation; 8. Control peripheral nervous system by regulating muscle activity and tension; 9. Control ligaments & tendons (along with muscles determines physical coordination); 10. Create bile, which breaks down fats; 11. Help maintain electrolyte and water balance; 12. Break down and eliminate excess hormones; 13. Control the smooth flow of Qi.

When the liver is overloaded, increased amounts of toxins circulate through the blood affecting most of our body systems. Our liver must transform the hormones released during emotional states, so they can be eliminated. When the liver is not functioning properly, emotional states that should come and go, stay around longer than necessary. When our environment is full of excess emotions, this puts a burden on the liver.

1. Menstrual/Gynecological problems; 2. Thin, brittle nails 3. Inability to relax 4. Abnormal level of sexual energy 5. Gas/bloat 6. Tense muscles.

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The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Super Detox Juice (Backed By

Ultimate Liver Detox Smoothie.

This smoothie will help to open up the channels of elimination and excretion, which ultimately leads to a healthier mind and body.

When toxins enter your body, they can potentially destroy tissues and damage cells, you want your liver to be functioning optimally to ward off any damage. Liver cells disarm the toxins by converting dangerous substances to less harmful substances or by packing the toxins up for easier elimination through the kidney, bowels and skin. Cleanse and nourish your liver with this toxin neutralizing anti-oxidant packed smoothie. Did you also know that anger is associated with a blocked liver? In Chinese medicine, most organs are connected to an emotion, and your liver is the organ connected to anger.