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28 days without any porn or masturbation is when about 50% of men start feeling the initial porn addiction withdrawals start to go away.

Symptoms of Internet porn addiction.

Pornography elicits powerful neurotransmitters, called dopamine, in the brain that can lead to us getting addicted. Our brain gets overstimulated, and its reward center becomes numbed. In this state of atrophy our brain craves dopamine, which drives us to more pornography. But as our brain keeps craving dopamine, it craves a harder drug, by which I mean porn, which features deviant sexual behavior and unnatural fetishes.

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Random Temptation – There have been so many times that I’ve made it to four or five weeks without looking at porn, only to have a single bad day that sent me hurtling back into relapse. Bursts of Overwhelming Emotion – You may be reading a book, looking out the window or lying in bed when suddenly you feel yourself tearing up about nothing in particular. Insomnia – Men who were heavily addicted to porn for a long time are the most likely to experience insomnia in this stage of recovery. Insomnia due to withdrawal is nearly impossible to treat, and over-the-counter sleep aids probably won’t do much to help. Depression – Again, not all men will suffer from depression, and some may experience it much earlier in the withdrawal process. It’s not uncommon for this depression to last several weeks, but it always goes away eventually.

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An addiction to Internet pornography also gives rise to several unhealthy beliefs, such as ‘Internet porn is better than real sex’ or ‘I need to click from video to video in order to remain sexually aroused.’ Some men may even alter their sexual tastes due to years’ of exposure to Internet pornography.

The first seven days were crazy (June 2013). I know that most reading this have experienced the intense physical “drive” of the first seven days, consisting of an odd speedball of depression, endless push-ups and manic happiness. Then almost on the dot, I got sick for two weeks. At this point I couldn’t fathom the idea that masturbation, even at extreme levels, could lead to low level flu-like symptoms. I didn’t exactly feel as if I actually had the flu, however. It was noticeably much more mild (remember though, these are still FLU SYMPTOMS – elevated temp, lethargy, sore throat etc.. NOT common cold – very important to note despite me describing them as “mild”). I was seriously getting freaked out by day 15 of withdrawal (around day 22 of no fap) so much so that I considered getting tested for lime disease. Thankfully, the physical withdrawals ended by the third week of no fap. At this point I felt the greatest I had ever felt in the past three years of my life. Mentally, physically, and emotionally I felt like I was in my freshmen year of high school again.

Becoming a participant rather than a voyeur.