Apple Cinnamon Detox Water - The Best Natural Detox Drink

Detox Water Using Apple Cinnamon - Drop 25 Pounds Fast

You can certainly change up this recipe any way you want to. Just keep in mind that to receive the full benefits, you should keep the apples and cinnamon in there.

I think you should be able to put this in your water bottle, just slice the apple into sticks. I also think you can give up sodas all together, have you tried pellegrino or club soda? I found that when I was trying to give up soda myself it was the bubbles I wanted and the fizzy water helped a lot!

When trying this water as a method of losing weight are you suppose to not eat and only drink? Or are you allowed to drink while eating healthy?

Check out my story at the below link, it explains how I lost 150 lbs in 12 months and has some links to my favorite skinny recipes.

This was so good. Even my young boys wanted to have some! I finally went through my first pitcher! Now I’m planning to have Apple Cinnamon water often this summer! Awesome.

I also can’t wait to go back through your blog and catch up on all the ideas I’ve missed… Thanks so much for writing it!!

With the seasons starting to think about changing, I thought it would be fun to make a more festive detox water that I could enjoy as fall approaches. What better way to enjoy the flavors of fall than with apples and cinnamon?

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