Best DIY Detox Tea Recipe List - Home Remedies

Using teas/drinks to help cleanse the body is a great daily habit. I love playing with different ingredients to create both hot and cold drinks to benefit my body. Here are some of my latest and greatest creations:

The lemon promotes alkalinity in the body, and also kickstarts the liver for the day — encouraging the release of digestive fluids. Add in cayenne and ginger to bring warmth to the tummy, and boost both the metabolism and circulation system. Parsley is an optional add-in that brings some extra alkalinity and nutrients to your morning routine.

Let’s be honest – sometimes finding that real food at a price your family can live with can be difficult. I often consult EWG’s Dirty Dozen list when deciding what produce should be purchased organically. This list really dictates how I shop, as it is updated yearly to show what foods contain the highest levels of pesticides after being washed and prepped for eating. If an ingredient isn’t on this list, I feel better about purchasing the non-organic (often cheaper) version of it.

Detox Tea Recipe - Healthier Steps

How to make a detox tea for weight loss.

When I wake up in the morning, I heat some water, then add 1 cube to a mug, pouring the hot water over it. This cools down the cube perfectly into the best detox tea. If you aren’t into spicy food, you can omit the cayenne. I often add even more cayenne than the recipe calls for!

Best Detox Tea Recipe.

When I make this recipe for the 21-day cleanse, I like to prep it for all 21 days. I know I’m more likely to stick with this habit while cleansing if it’s ready to go each morning. I take an ice cube tray and measure out one serving of this cleansing tea for each rectangle. The tray then goes into the freezer for 1 hour, to freeze each of the cubes. Once frozen, I put them all in a freezer bag and repeat until I’ve got 21 cubes.

Help your liver work at max capacity with this detox tea recipe. It will help you leap into the day refreshed.