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You may choose to take a break to save money, pursue a digital detox , or try out a rival service—whatever the reason, pausing or canceling your subscriptions isn’t difficult.

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What about the at-home detox meaning? This is usually not recommended. Individuals could have severe withdrawal symptoms, including suicidal thoughts or hallucinations. They may harm themselves or others as a result.

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Medical detox: A medical detox may or may not involve medication. Some facilities just use the term “medical” to refer to your stay in a clinical setting. For centers that do administer medication, this is usually done to ease withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient detox: You’ll stay in a facility, where you’ll have constant supervision. This is the safest way to go through detox. You may or may not have medical options. Your facility will choose the best course of treatment, depending on the severity of your addiction. Outpatient detox: While some facilities do offer outpatient detox as an option, the risk of relapse is higher since clients don’t live in the facility. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid rehab centers that offer this as a primary option.

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He said the program “empowers the clients to define their goal and success,” whether getting them into a detox facility or assisting them with diversion and intervention services.

Phrases like “tech detox ” or “digital detox ” have become ways for us to talk about taking time away from tech.

Once your body is clear of all drugs and alcohol, then you begin the next phase of rehab and recovery.