Alcohol Detox Medications | Withdrawal Syndrome Treatments

In some particularly severe cases, doctors judge it necessary to keep a withdrawing client sedated throughout much of the detoxification process, which can mean that many of the more unpleasant symptoms are hardly felt at all. However, strong sedation poses its own risks, and doctors try to avoid it where possible. The emphasis is on patient safety, with reducing discomfort an important but not top priority; therefore, in many cases medication can be used to alleviate symptoms but should not be expected to remove them entirely.

Acamprosate, commonly prescribed under the brand name Campral, is non-habit forming. If more adverse symptoms appear, then a doctor should be contacted.

Thirdly, many self-treatment kits marketed over the internet are of dubious medical value and could even be dangerous, even if they do not contain any medicine prohibited in the UK. Again, attempting to self-medicate in cases of alcohol withdrawal can be deadly; always consult a doctor and/or an addiction specialist if you suffer from an alcohol addiction and wish to undergo detox.

Withdrawal from alcohol dependence can be very dangerous. Nearly anyone suffering from an alcohol use disorder who wishes to overcome their addiction will likely experience it, as detoxification (detox) is a fundamental aspect of the treatment process. Happily, various medications may be prescribed prior to, during and following detox that can make withdrawal significantly safer and less unpleasant.

Medications Approved for Alcohol Detox Treatment.

Proper Use of Benzodiazepines.

How medications are administered in alcohol treatment depends on the medication in question and the circumstances and physical condition of the alcohol user. Doctors always try to “first do no harm” and look for the easiest and least distressing means of treating patients, but the efficacy of the treatment also needs to be optimised. In some instances, more uncomfortable methods of administration may be preferable if they will do the most good and have the greatest effect.

Fortunately, many of these symptoms can be alleviated or even suppressed altogether by the use of medication.