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Microwave ovens - Microwaves completely change the chemical composition of the foods you eat, rendering them nutrition-less and placing a strain to your system. A good question to ask is how something can take 40 minutes to oven bake, yet only take 90 seconds in the microwave. Surely something strange is going on there? This was highlighted recently in the case of the hospital that was prosecuted after the death of a blood transfusion patient who died as a direct result of her blood being warmed up in a microwave. The waves completely changed the make-up of the blood as to render it unusable!

Then, Juice plus go on to restrict the ‘cheat’ - almost as though they have realized the error in their thinking and have attempted damage limitation. The cheat is time restricted, so for example, the baby cheat needs to be a snack that you can eat in 15 minutes - well I know people who can wolf down a whole meal in 15 minutes…

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“I went off plan for a couple of weeks due to lack of motivation etc. Then last week a friend of mine was raving about how great Juice Plus was! Well there was me thinking that would be great to kick start my weight loss again! So I spoke to the agent and found out the cost (blimey that stuff is expensive) and she told me how great it was and all the good things it can do for your body inside and out, and there I was thinking this is good I suffer from IBS and this stuff seems to sort it all out, and helps you lose weight.