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A high quality addiction rehabilitation centre in Glasgow, Scotland.

A retreat in Scotland with The Body Toolkit is a magical experience, and locations are carefully chosen for their breath-taking beauty. View the locations here .

What addictions are treated at Priory Hospital Glasgow?

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With individually tailored recovery programmes and affordable prices, we make getting clean and staying that way achievable for most patients. No matter the complexity of your needs, if you need rehab in Scotland, we are here to help.

For many people, that first contact with a rehab centre or even just a GP is a daunting prospect. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Our experienced professionals can explain your options in simple terms and recommend the best next steps. Our clinics can also provide the care and support you need throughout your journey.

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Day care addiction treatment consists of you attending Glasgow for a set number of days each week, depending on the intensity of the support that you require, and taking part in addiction therapy groups alongside current residential patients. However, unlike our residential programme, you will not stay at the hospital overnight and will return home following a day of therapy. Day care is useful for individuals who require comprehensive support for their addiction, but do not need intensive 24-hour monitoring. Day care can also be used as a step-down in treatment intensity once you have completed your 28-day inpatient programme, or can also be used as a step-up in intensity from outpatient therapy.

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We’d ask everyone who is considering future day trips and overnight stays to please plan ahead carefully and check opening arrangements with the businesses directly.