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What is the Flu?

The widespread fear and epidemic scares by the CDC are for the purpose of pushing immunizations, and pharmaceutical industry, big bucks. Feeds off the least healthy and least knowledgeable about healthy diet and building a strong immune system.

Shortly thereafter I did the one month cleanse, and wow, I was amazed. The whole time I was one it, I had symptoms resembling that of the flu, and the things that came out of me were amazing (just read about mucoid plaque). After this I soon started realizing the powerful effects food had on the body. Some foods clean the body (alkalizing foods) and others don’t (acid forming foods). Within each group there are varying degrees of each.

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You are probably brainwashed by the germ theory and do not have any knowledge of your body’s wisdom in healing and cleansing itself. Maybe if you did some reading on this subject you would see the light..

Liver Detox Symptoms : Prevent & Minimize Liver Cleanse

Several years ago I did my first cleanse, the Arise and Shine cleanse, developed by an American naturopath named Richard Anderson. What lead me to do this was the fact that my body had been continuously oscillating from diarrhea to constipation and I knew something was wrong. My girlfriend at the time had done the cleanse previously and spoke very highly of it. So she gave me Richard’s book, I read it and was convinced.

It’s a known fact that we all carry around pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. They are simply there to protect us from organ failure. They eat up cellular wastes that the body can’t eliminate. Many of us are walking around with clogged lymphatic systems, kidneys that don’t filter well, plaque on our colon walls, skin that doesn’t sweat well, etc. When the junk reaches its limit, the body organizes a cleanse to clean us out. Otherwise we would succumb to organ damage or cancer. Fever causes us to sweat out the toxins, mucus and pathogens. The pathogens are present in the blood stream because of this. That’s why when your blood is tested during the flu, viruses are present. Makes sense? It’s science.

It’s a strange thing though that when people get truly healthy, they rarely, or never get the ‘flu’, while everyone around them gets it sometimes multiple times per year. One could argue that it’s because their immune system is now strong enough to fight off the bugs, but one could also argue that the bugs themselves actually feed on the toxic residues, thus serving in fact to actually help the body rid itself of them.