Bielenda Carbo Detox Active Carbon Abziehtuch

Bielenda Carbo Detox Carbon Face Serum innovative carbon face serum with strong detoxifying effect, improves a condition of mixed and oily skin.

Application Every morning and evening, massage the cream into the cleansed skin of the face.

VITAMIN B3 it works against acne, reduces excessive sebum production and the size of pores, effectively mattes shiny skin. Prevents discoloration, regenerates and strengthens the skin, increases its resistance to damage. It moisturizes, improves skin firmness and tone.

Bielenda Carbo Detox Active Carbon …

BIELENDA CARBO DETOX Carbon face paste 3in1 150g best before 04 2021.

CARBO DETOX Body care - Bielenda

Bielenda Carbo Detox Moisturising and Mattfying Charcoal Face Cream shows detoxifying effect, effectively improves the condition of combination and oily skin , as well as grey skin with discolourations and enlarged pores.