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After the 21 days, it felt like we had finally figured out our bodies; we paid attention when our stomachs hurt or felt good, we exercised, we meditated, we worked out our digestive tracts, we drank a TON of water. We just took CARE of ourselves, which is something that can easily go to the wayside. So all in all, it was an amazing experience and one we recommend to our friends or family who suffer from food sensitivity or allergies or just need a reset. Did we lose some weight? Yes, but a lot of other things happened, too. And the best part is that even though we ’ re not eating clean all the time, whenever we feel like we ’ ve had a crazy burger-and alcohol-fueled weekend, Monday morning starts with a Clean shake and supplements, and we ’ re back on track.

Dr. Junger: Not only for me, for a lot of people I know. And for a lot of people, all you have to do is turn his Instagram story and see, he posts. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing now. Then I wait. I don’t have anything until two, three in the afternoon. And then, there I have a big meal or the big meal, which basically is salad or I do eat meat, I do eat chicken, I do eat fish. I eat everything. But everything that’s healthy. If I eat fish, it’s caught in the ocean. If I eat chicken it’s range free, hormone free, antibiotic free and so I have a meal. And then sometimes I don’t have anything else until the next day. Or sometimes I have a big clean shake at night. So I’m trying with this-

Dr. Junger: But when you’re feeling your feet and listening to me, those are not taking you away. You are really present.

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Back in 2015, Meghan told The Chalkboard that one of her go-to breakfasts is having the Clean Cleanse vanilla powder in a smoothie, with blueberries.

With her charity work, previous acting roles and now transitioning to life in the royal family, Meghan also definitely likes to stay active.

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Interview with Dr. Junger.

Dr. Junger: … so, from day one to day two, you wait 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. From day two to day three you wait 14, day three to four you wait 16, so you have dinner earlier and you wait until you have breakfast, that’s 16 hours. And then on the fourth to the fifth day, it’s 24 hours. After lunch one day you don’t have anything but tea until lunch next day.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best.