Fasting gives the digestive tract a rest from processing and absorbing foods. The body uses a great deal of energy during the lengthy and complex period of digestion. If there is no food to digest, the body focuses this extra energy on other body processes like self-healing and self-cleaning. Fasts come in a variety of forms. Some last just a day, while others last a month. For safety, the longer fasts are usually done under medical supervision. During a fast it is important not to become malnourished, so many fasts allow juices or broths to maintain a proper intake of nutrients. Other fasts allow only water or another liquid like lemon juice. To learn what type of fast is best for you, consult a practitioner of alternative medicine. Most of these professionals are more open to fasts as a way to clean or treat the body. Fasts using just water are able to detoxify the liver at a quicker rate.

Go on a Fast.

Water is another good way to facilitate a quick detoxification of the liver. Water is needed by the body on a daily basis. By drinking a lot of water, a person flushes out all the organs including the liver. Water is also important because it dilutes all poisons in the body. The American Dietetic Associate suggests a person drink at least 64 fluid ounces of liquid each day, be it water, juices or teas. This is a natural way to clean out the liver quickly.

Drink More Fluids.

10 Simple Ways To Detox Your Liver - Detox DIY

Quickest Ways to Detox the Liver.

The liver has many functions in the body. But its main function is filtering out poisons like alcohol and other harmful materials. Cleansing the liver helps the body to function better. By removing excess wastes and other toxic substances from the body, the liver has less debris to filter or remove. Detoxification is a method of internally cleaning the liver by removing any substances that are not conducive to good health. A person may need a quick liver detoxification for a number of reasons. The quickest method is with a fast, but other ways also exist.