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Hydrate yourself with water, 100% cranberry juice and/or green tea. It’s not necessary to drink all 3 liquids but variety can be nice when drinking 100 ounces of liquid per day.

Tips When Cleansing.

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5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program | PassYourTest.com

Food Rules: Avoid Heavy Starches (like Bread,Pasta, Pizza, and Potatoes), Diary, Fried Food, Fatty Meats, Processed Foods, High Sodium, Candy, Dessert, and Soft Drinks. Go for Lean Meats, Veggies, Salads, Fruits, and Low Carb Alternatives.

Every morning, take 6 morning pills with 32 ounces of water. Do this before breakfast and avoid eating for about 2 hours after. This can be a struggle at times, but it’s only for a few days.

All the herbal ingredients are naturally sourced, and they are known to help bring kidneys and liver to their full potential. Add to that a lot of water, and you’ve got a much better chance your body will get rid of the toxic buildup and evidence of that epic party.

Morning Routine.

Yes, Rescue 5 Day Detox is a permanent detox. If you stay away from drugs after going through the 5-day detox, then you’ll be able to continue passing drug tests. However, if you start taking drugs again, you’ll have to repeat the cleanse.