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Weight loss: That wasn't the aim for me but I certainly felt less bloated after eating the Mindful Chef recipes than I do after my usual bowl of pesto pasta. With plenty of hearty vegetables and sensible amounts of unrefined carbs, the meals are a no-brainer way to a healthier dinner.

Flavour ranking: Excellent, all the recipes contained delicious, flavour-rich ingredients like paprika or garlic. Although I'm not a vegan I was fascinated to try nutritional yeast which added a lovely cheesy taste to the buckwheat risotto.

F lavour ranking: It feels like Spring Green have really prioritised flavour when planning these meals. I got a little addicted to the Morning Love + Beauty Tonic - a hibiscus and berry infused filtered water, which you’re supposed to drink each morning to kick start your system. Unlike some meal plans I’ve tried none of these felt dry or basic. I’d put that down to the above-and-beyond ingredients; like a lime dip with kale summer rolls for lunch or hummus-drenched roasted aubergine.

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With so many services to choose from, we tasked ourselves with finding the best there is and trialed the top food delivery companies to help you clean up your body and eating habits just in time for the beach.

Weight loss: Sounding too good to be true so far? Well, perhaps my weight loss would prove that. I barely lost 2 pounds - but I was only doing this over three days, so you might well have better success over a longer period, if you are looking for quick weight loss.

Finding your summer holiday diet hard to stick to? Or just not able to get through the 3pm barrier without an afternoon snack? Then you might just want to try a home-delivery diet plan.

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