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Fruit Flush Diet Plan Review: Detoxing With Fruit?

LeVeque agrees, saying, “I really don’t love this diet. The benefits don’t outweigh the drawbacks that include lack of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, increased fructose metabolism, tooth decay, and increased craving s.” She also points out the pitfall of excess sugar, explaining that all the fructose from the fruit efficiently stores as fat and glucose, which can negatively affect blood sugar regulation.   (As a note, LeVeque recommends her clients limit themselves to half a cup of fruit daily.)

Despite the different interpretations, one thing all fruitarians have in common is this: They eat massive quantities of food and seem to manage to stay incredibly lean. Do a quick YouTube search, and you’ll find flat-stomached people from all over the world downing papayas and mangos by the dozens.

Incidentally, the fruitarian literature doesn’t say much about alcohol. But I figured if I couldn’t even have broccoli, booze was probably off the table too. Like many other restrictive diets, fruitarianism isn’t conducive to social gatherings. Just imagine showing up to a restaurant with friends and asking for a crate of bananas.

One of the most prominent fruitarian spokespeople is a YouTuber who goes by Freelee the Banana Girl. To all of her 771,000 subscribers, Freelee preaches the benefits of a fruit-heavy lifestyle, downing 30 (sometimes 50!) bananas in a single day. (Watching her do this on camera is oddly gripping.) Freelee’s view is that eating low-calorie fruits in large quantities delivers maximum glucose to the brain , fueling her mind and body while keeping it slim. From the looks of her washboard abs and fiery demeanor, she seems to be on a constant sugar high.

Why Go Fruitarian?

For the remainder of my five-day experiment, I continued to stick to the 75% rule. For breakfast, lunch, and snacks, I’d reach for my tummy-flattening fruit. But dinner time would arrive, and I’d buckle. I’d desperately crave a starch. I suppose I could have suppressed these cravings, but I’m not keen on torturing myself. So instead, I whipped up a nightly plate of pasta or baked potatoes, and that seemed to hit the spot.

So as an experiment, I resolved to follow a strict fruitarian diet for five days .I decided it would be more of a brief cleanse than a permanent lifestyle. I’ve always loved fruit, so I wasn’t nervous about my menu options. Plus, I hate cooking, so the raw thing seemed like a great fit. I had never been on a diet this specific before, but I was (naïvely) excited for the challenge.

I woke up the following day flat-stomached once again. The bread hadn’t ruined me after all. I was actually glad I had cheated. Sticking to a raw diet two meals out of three seemed like a reasonable lifestyle to me —something I could continue doing after my fruitarian “cleanse.”