Natural Kidney Cleanse at Home: Detox Tea, Diet, and More

If you have chronic kidney disease and have no fluid restrictions and use kidney friendly foods than smoothies are healthy and good for your kidneys.

Kidney Cleanse Juice Recipe.

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5 Delicious Smoothies for People with Kidney Disease

Approximately ten percent of urinary stones are formed from uric acid. The most common risk factors associated with urinary stones are high uric acid excretion, low urine volume and acidic urinary pH values. Diets that help reduce these factors may lower the incidence of urinary stones and uric acid crystallization. An investigation of 10 healthy male subjects ingesting a high meat-containing diet for 2 weeks, followed by three different standardized diets for 5 days each (Western Diet, omnivorous diet, and ovo-lacto vegetarian diet). This study suggested that the western diets may lead to the highest risk of urinary stone formation. Although the omnivorous diet displayed a significant decrease in uric acid excretion; this was reduced even further in the ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet. Therefore, a vegetarian diet may help reduce the risk of urinary stones due to a higher alkali load with fruits and vegetables alkalizing urinary pH and lowering uric acid concentration.[1]

While this detox smoothie recipe may not be as enticing as a peanut butter banana smoothie, it will definitely make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after consuming it. We like to enjoy this smoothie after a weekend of indulgence or when we’re feeling like our system is particularly sluggish and in need of a boost.

Kidney Cleanse : Flush & Detox Your Kidneys Naturally

Animal Protein Salt Genetically Modified Foods Artificial Sweeteners Energy Drinks Carbonated Drinks Dairy Products Caffeine Alcohol.

Rotate your Greens & Fruits.

The kidneys are highly vascular organs, and thus susceptible to vascular damage endured from the standard American diet. Protein in the urine is a sign of kidney injury. Diets high in animal protein, animal fat, and cholesterol are associated with increased microalbuminuria, and subsequent overt kidney disease. Therefore, diets low in these products may be protective against kidney damage.[3]