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Methadone drug detox’ is a term that refers to two different types of drug addiction treatment. Most often, the term refers to a treatment for opiate addiction, and more specifically, heroin addiction. Used as a replacement drug, methadone is legal and more easily used to help you detox off of heroin because it is more easily controlled. Unfortunately, methadone is also an opiate and a drug of addiction itself, so some people become addicted to it and need a methadone drug detox to help them stop using the drug.

How to Detox From Methadone.

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2. Customized Treatment Plan.

Your medical provider may recommend tapering off methadone gradually to minimize withdrawal symptoms, but there’s no single way that works for everybody. If you’re healthy, your doctor may want to taper the drug fairly quickly, or she may recommend slower tapering to ease you off methadone little by little.

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1. Patient Evaluation.

Why You Need an Individualized Treatment Plan When Detoxing From Methadone.

At Michael’s House, we offer both natural methadone drug detox and medical methadone drug detox. If you would like more information about both of these options or would like to assistance in choosing which one will work best for you, contact Michael’s House today at 760-548-4032.