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The word detox in the tea community can bring up many emotions; it is kind of a sore subject. Either people believe in them 100% or people laugh at those who do and discredit them. This challenge was for me to see if there were any short-term benefits that could be prevalent after only a week of drinking the tea. Some may say that it was not enough time for the detox to work, but I was afraid of drinking a detox for more than a week since I did not know how my body would respond to it. Anyways, I wanted to investigate more into this taboo section of the tea world. I am trying to show an unbiased position and show both sides of the matter.

Another interesting thing I thought about, was that none of these detoxes seem to have the same ingredients or the same amount of ingredients. Besides the ingredient ginger (which was in the three types I compared), there are many ingredients that differ detox to detox. There are me many ingredients in Yogi Detox tea, but only five ingredients in other teas. Which tea has the correct recipe?

A tea detox is normally something I would not associate myself with. While it’s usually connected to losing weight, I am in no way trying to lose weight. But due to some current health issues, I am constantly reevaluating what I let enter my body. I chose detox tea because while I am now trying to be picky about what I put in, I wonder if detox tea will help me get all of the bad stuff from before out. While some people use it to lose weight, others use detoxes to realign their body. That is my goal from this: to experience a healthier feeling me and to try something new. My plan is to continue with my normal exercise regimen and food intake. My water intake will increase slightly due to detoxing. I read in multiple sites that since you are purifying your gut and body, you need to supplement your body with more water to help aid the process and keep your body sufficiently hydrated.

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I was really surprised how much I liked this tea, but do yourself a favor. If you ever try this tea, do not put the tea bag directly on your nose to smell it. It smells spicy, you will cough, you will regret. The tea did not taste overly spicy but had almost a very subtle sweet aftertaste. I ended up actually re-steeping it in the morning and using my giant 3-cup mug for my nightly tea. The only thing I really noticed was after drinking the tea, I would have to take 2 bathroom trips. I did, however, feel very hydrated and energized at the gym. Besides a handful of Doritos, I ate healthily and fully .

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I had to chug my tea this morning. I was running late and heading to the gym, had to scarf down my food and just down the tea. Of course, I do not recommend this. I had to immediately go to the bathroom before I left the house, and when I got to the gym. My stomach was feeling slightly odd and I started to…really need to go to the bathroom…which is not the best feeling on leg day. I honestly do not think I am feeling any benefits of this tea yet. I am trying to keep up on my water intake and keep consistent with my food intake.

Some health experts say that detox teas, paired with the proper nutrition and workout regime, can result in weight loss. However, in many studies, it has been found to be only short term results. Usually, when doing detox teas, the consumer limits their food intake and ups their liquids which results in a calorie deficit. When the detox is done, they go back to their normal food routine, which then leads to them gaining back the weight they had previously lost. With proper food and exercise consulting, detox teas could potentially aid the weight loss process. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is that most people look at detox teas as a magic fix all problem-solver and only want to commit to a short process. To add another thought, if you are looking for a little kick-start into losing weight, this could be an option as long as you are careful and do not have unreal expectations.

Have you ever done a tea detox? Did it work for you and what brand did you use? Is there a very important piece of this puzzle that I am missing? Let me know in the comments! As always, happy brewing!