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I have an anti-smoothie person in my house, my husband. If he ain’t liking it, he will not drink it. No matter how big my lecture on how healthy green smoothies are, he will refuse it.

If you’re making a smoothie because you fall into that post workout, ‘sweated like a beast’ category I just mentioned, then be sure to up your plant based protein game as you’re blending. Protein Smoothie Boost is a great way to do that. Our special blend of hemp, chia and flaxseed add a rawkin 10 g of plant based protein to any smoothie. And if your workout was for ‘arm day’, don’t worry – Protein Smoothie Boost won’t make your glass any heavier to lift to your mouth. Promise.

And coconut oil. You guys, when coconut oil hit the market, I was skeptical. I thought this would be one of the come and go item. So I protested for a while and did not buy it. Then Costco offered a massive jar for super cheap, and I bought it. Ever since it is always in my kitchen pantry! Moreover, my mother in law got hooked on this delicious stuff as well! If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. You are going to love it and the endless uses of it…

Green Detox Smoothie with Coconut Water

Yes, it’s considered nature’s gatorade thanks to the natural electrolytes that replenish a depleted body. Yet you also gotta remember there’s more calories in coconut water than filtered water— 60 calories, to be exact.

You bet you can! Swapping your liquid base is very easy in any coconut water smoothie.. or beyond. Depending on my needs, I sometimes do the same. Here’s how I decide what to use as a liquid base:

Radish & coconut water detox smoothie GREAT to kickstart

The general rule is once in a while do a green smoothie cleanse . Especially between seasons to help your body get on a right track. But don’t overdo it. Drinking green smoothies every day is not a good idea at all. Listen to your body. When you feel lightness and healthiness in your belly, that means it is time to stop but continue a healthy diet. With green smoothies you prep your body for a healthier life. But definitely do not make it your everyday food. You can mix your morning routine with different smoothies but do not drink green smoothies every single day.

I do green smoothie cleanse once at the end of every season. 7 days every morning starts with a detox green smoothie. Then I stop. For me, 7 days is enough because I consider my food routing as a healthy diet. Everyone is unique so listen to your body! Also, during summer I try to drink it once or twice a week, in between my other favorite smoothies.

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