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What are toxins? Toxins, as the name suggests are the chemicals have the potential to cause harm to your body. These toxins are everywhere, in the food you eat, where you work, in your car, on your sofa and everywhere. Toxins, once when they enter your body are processed through organs like kidneys and liver and then later are eliminated through urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

Metabolism Metabolism is directly proportional to weight loss. The higher the metabolism the more you lose weight. And much to your surprise detox diet slows down your metabolism. And thus making it hard for you to lose weight in future.

So, detoxification means stop eating foods that may contain toxins in them. Talking about the positive effects of detox diet, people who have tried it say that following it increases your energy level and in some cases, it also prevents and even cures certain health conditions.

Do you think detox diets can help in weight loss? Here's the truth behind them!

During the detox process, what you lose is water weight and not fat weight. That is the reason once you stop doing it, you gain back the lost amount of weight. Detox diet can also lead to muscle loss. And muscle loss is not a great thing if you want to lose weight permanently. Muscles help you burn calories even if you do not do anything. Your muscles burn a certain number of calories just to remain in your body.

Detoxing To Lose Weight : How Toxins Hinder You From

It’s true that these toxins do not leave our body completely through the natural process of perspiration and urination. These toxins linger in our digestive and lymph systems. These toxins can make you sick.

Detox diet and weight loss As detox plans are so much in fashion, you can surely see some your friend at office carrying a water bottle with cucumber and carrots in it. If you restrict yourself from eating certain foods for some time and also do portion control, it obviously helps you lose weight. But detox diet is not one of the best methods when it comes to permanent weight loss. These diets may also not suit everyone as it includes giving up an entirely.