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Common legal drugs that cause dependence.

Perhaps you are always thinking to yourself “Today is the day I stop taking drugs”, only to find yourself using them an hour later and promising yourself you will try again tomorrow.

No two patients are the same. This is why an individualized plan is so essential to the care of our guests. We begin the detox process understanding as many factors about your condition as possible so that you can get the best care.

Fully residential clinics are inpatient and all-inclusive. All your meals, therapy, accommodation and medication are included in the one price and take place in the same facility.

3. Post-Detox Treatment.

Medications for addiction treatment may be prescribed to ease or counteract drug withdrawal symptoms. This can be conducted in the community or within a drug rehab centre. Certain medications are medically approved by the Department of Health to be used for the purpose of drug or alcohol detoxes.

Quasi-residential drug rehabs often offer medically assisted detoxification with lower levels of support than a fully residential rehab or detox clinic. Medically assisted drug rehab centres are often successful if the individual is motivated to stop the drugs they are addicted to. Providing the patient completely adheres to the detox regime; this type of detox is safe.

Drug Detox Assessment.