Lung Cleansing Tea : Best Homemade Recipe To Detox Your Lungs

Quite remarkable considering these are all natural common herbs! To learn more about Allertrex, including the complete ingredients list, see Dr. Group’s website .

As in all our home remedies and cleansing recipes, we focused on both safety and effectiveness. This includes evidence based natural ingredients you can easily find at your local store.

Some of these methods may also open up the airways, improve lung capacity, and reduce inflammation, which can help reduce the effects of pollution and smoke in the lungs.

This Turmeric Drink Can Detox Your Smoke Filled Lungs

This healthy juice contains watercress, which helps soothe swollen breathing passages and lubricates the lungs. Turnips are high in vitamin A and lemons contain vitamin C, which are both full of antioxidants and both will help promote lung health. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial.

The Lung cleansing tea r ecipe below is designed to support normal lung and respiratory system function, using natural lung cleansing foods and herbs you can easily find at your local store.

A small study involving 16 males with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung condition that makes it harder to breathe, found that steam mask therapy led to significantly lower heart rates and respiratory rates than non-steam mask therapy.

To further enhance the results and benefits of the lung cleansing tea, we highly recommend to inhale Dr. Group’s Allertrex (lung cleansing herbal formula) right before you drink the tea.