One-month sugar detox: A nutritionist explains how and why

If you slip up getting off sugar, don’t beat yourself up. Sugar is physiologically and mentally addictive. It’s not easy to kick, but it’s worth the struggle. And at the end of your 30 days — keep going! Use the Bulletproof Diet as a template, and experiment with it until you find something that makes you feel superhuman, every day.

But What About My Sugar Cravings?

It takes about two weeks for your body to get over sugar cravings and withdrawal. With that in mind, here’s a 30-day no sugar challenge. Over the course of the next month, use this step-by-step guide to break your sugar addiction and start feeding your body foods that make you stronger, not weaker. Everything you need to know is in this article.

30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge | 30 Day Challenge to Quit Sugar

The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge: A Step-by-Step Guide To Ending Sugar Cravings.

When his doctor told him he had type II diabetes, Watson realized his old approach wasn’t working and that he had to do something new. After some research, he found the Bulletproof Diet and decided to give it a try. In his podcast episode on Bulletproof Radio [iTunes], Watson describes his experience:

I Quit Sugar For 30 Days And This Is What Happened

If you’re a sugar lover, you can probably empathize. Sugar is addictive — it turns on reward pathways in your brain and causes withdrawal . [1] Without the right game plan, it’s hard to break a sugar addiction. But when you do kick your sugar habit, the changes to your life can be extraordinary. Cutting down on sugar promotes:

Even though I didn't, Lemond says others might notice more stable energy and blood sugar levels, among other benefits. It just depends on the person and what their diet looked like previously.

Let me back up a bit. By the end of last year, I craved Halo Top or ice cream most nights after dinner. and gave into that craving more often than I'd like to admit.