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Twinings Tea Box of 2021 – Flavours and Review

The flavour is absolutely yummy very citrusy and so easy to drink. I have tried it with honey and without honey and with lemon all ways taste amazing. The smell is so good as well its kinda got an aromatherapy vibe about it.

Twinings Detox Tea Review.

So this is my first post about tea one of the many loves in my life. I have a huge collection of tea in my cupboard and literally cannot go to the supermarket without picking a new flavour. Customer reviews: Twinings Morning Detox

This tea is definitely a morning tea it gives you a bit of a kick and wakes you up which is an added bonus, but if your like me and get easily addicted to different teas its a bummer at night time.

You can view the whole Twining’s health benefits teas on their website right here. I purchased mine from Waitrose but I have also seen them in Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Twining’s have released a selection of new health teas which all give different benefits. They have a sleep tea, digest tea, purify tea, awake tea and detox tea. I have decided to try the detox tea, it comes in a lovely sunny yellow box and features milk thistle, lemon peel and lemon myrtle.