Cucumber water is a great way for you get all the water you need, especially if you’re one of those who just can’t abide the taste of plain water (or gets bored). If so, keep plenty of cucumber water on hand especially in the summer, or when you are planning a hard workout. Plus, it’s delicious AND nourishing!

Not only are cucumbers delicious in recipes like Creamy Cucumber Salad or Cucumber Sandwiches, they’re perfectly refreshing to add to cocktail recipes and of course in this case, water!

Cucumber Water.

How Much Should I Drink Each Day?

Small wonder that cucumber lemon water is a favorite go-to beverage for people wanting to do a detox fast or diet. An infuser bottle is the perfect device for making this, or any kind of infused water, but not everyone has one and honestly you don’t need one.

With just 4 flavorful ingredients this water is quick and easy to make and tastes delicious all day long! Slices of lemons & limes add a tangy flair, and a few fresh mint leaves give an energizing lift.

Sparkling cucumber water is an invigorating variation. Make it by slicing ingredients into a pitcher and adding one bottle of seltzer water and placing in the fridge to infuse. Add a fresh bottle of cold seltzer just before serving.