It’s also very difficult to quit, as alcohol is everywhere in our society. To maximize your chances of successfully stopping drinking, you should consider going to an inpatient rehab facility.

8 to 12 hours.

It should be clear by now that going through alcohol detox is not something that should be attempted alone, and indeed is best carried out under close medical supervision.

I only had a 2 week stay at Sanctuary Lodge but it has been a completely life changing experience. I don’t think that I would have been able to start recovering from my addiction with out them. The environment, staff and support you receive here is impeccable and I could not recommend it more. It has been the catalyst I needed to start my life again and I owe my new found sense of confidence to this fantastic place.

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Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox - Alcohol Rehab Guide

Many addicts don’t feel like eating for the first few days of the detox but it’s vital that you try to eat something even if you’re not hungry. Remember that detoxing can be an emotional and stressful time so be sure to have some moral support if you are doing it on your own. Try to listen to relaxing music, do gentle exercise and if you can’t talk to someone – try to write down your feelings so you don’t bottle them up inside.

It has been a great experience and I am getting my confidence back and feel alot better since I came in and staff have been fantastic, thank you too all the staff ypure great.

Cravings for alcohol will be felt a few hours after the last drink and can be intense. The first few hours of the detox process can also involve nausea and vomiting, muscle tremors (these are common for all alcoholics going through detox, regardless of how long their addiction lasted), insomnia, and nightmares.