Anyone who is considering doing the clean 9 detox, don’t hesitate. Just jump straight into it. You’ve got nothing to lose except some unwanted kg’s.

So dinner came and went in a flash with two Garcinia gels followed 20 minutes later by 120ml of Aloe Gel and water. Yeah, I a little hungry, but it was good to know that I wasn’t desperate. Later in the evening I had another 120ml of Aloe Gel and more water, and went to bed extremely happy that I’d made it through Day 1 for more easily than I had imagined and without raiding the biscuit tin :)

Obviously, I crashed and burned. Clean 9 is supposed to be a supported programme – charging into it alone and without advice, I couldn’t drink the gel, didn’t like the tablets, and ended up simply using the shakes and calorie control for nine days. I still lost 5lbs, but I didn’t enjoy the experience at all or feel particularly good during it. This just shows that when there’s support available you should take it – which is exactly what my colleague Kate did.

Lorraine K., Orange County.

So then, Chocolate or Vanilla?

If you like what you see and want to order the Clean 9, you can buy it direct by clicking HERE for Vanilla or HERE for Chocolate. Forever offer a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can use it with confidence. Note : I am an Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products because I love their products. I use many of them as part of my training regime. As with all of my other reviews, I will stick to the facts and do my best to remain objective!

Here’s how it works: you buy a pack containing various gels, tablets, powders and paraphernalia including a tape measure, as well as information about how to follow the programme. For the first two days of the programme (which are designed to ‘reset your body and mind’) you’re allowed tablets and aloe vera gel in the morning, a fibre pack which you mix with water mid-morning, more tablets and gel for lunch (this time accompanied by a Forever Lite Ultra shake), and more tablets and gel for dinner. As a special treat, you can have some more aloe vera gel before you go to bed. No meals.