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The Importance Of Detoxing.

First up Anita showed them the Gillian Mckeith 24 Hour Detox Plan. Lucy explained: "It's mainly based on foods, and it's foods with a particular interest in some sort of laxative or diuretic effect, so it's going to make you go to the toilet." Lucy went on to say: "The ingredients in the product won't do you any long-lasting damage. Nothing's toxic in them."

1. Stress Relief - through the soles of the feet, the pads claim to rid the body of stress and fatigue which has accumulated through the day.

"Supplements are recommended because it's not always possible to obtain sufficient levels of nutrients required for optimal health through diet alone. The body does have powerful systems in place to cleanse itself, namely the liver, skin, lungs, kidneys and the colon, all of which play important roles in the detoxification process, and are able to function without supplementation. However, we would also put forward the view that these systems function at their best in the presence of adequate nutrition and supplementation may serve a useful role in those individual who are failing to achieve the RNI intake levels every day. Inner Cleanse is a sensibly balanced, moderate level multivitamin and mineral formulation intended as a 'nutritional safeguard' for those people wishing to help ensure their vitamin and mineral intakes whilst cutting out unhealthy items to cleanse their systems. There is no indication that the product alone will cleanse the body."

5 Benefits Of Using The Foot Pads.

Patch It Detox Foot Patches 2 | Holland & Barrett

The experts weren't convinced Next Anita showed the experts the footpad she'd been wearing and asked them to explain the brown sludge that had appeared on it. Ben explained this quite simply by opening an unused footpad and pouring water on it. The patch changed colour because the water was reacting with the footpad's ingredients to create the brown colour. We showed the experts four further 'detox' products; Holland & Barrett's Bio Cleanse, Boots 5-day detox plan, Garnier's Detoxifying exfoliation wash and the Well Woman inner cleanse detox support. They were not convinced by the claims of any of them.

Next Anita tried Crystal Spring Detoxology footpads which are sold in Holland & Barrett for £25. They claim to use special crystals to draw out toxins in sweat from people's feet. The idea is that you place the patches on your foot leaving them there overnight and when you wake up you remove the pad and with it, the toxins it has drawn out. Sure enough when Anita woke up she found that the patches had a brown residue on them.