Restoring Optimal Gut Health.

I feel really unhappy.” It’s a puerile statement for any mother to make, my only defence being it’s day 58 of lockdown, I’m still in pyjamas and the migraine drugs have left me a lethargic mess on my daughter’s bed.

Staying healthy is almost on everyone’s list every winter. But this year, in the midst of a pandemic, it may be even more of a concern than usual.

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It was a sunny weekday morning, about 10.30, but I wasn't working. I was living in north London and my housemate was away. I thought it would make a good start to the day to have a vodka and tonic. Just one.

I must have tried a gazillion hair masks in my day. You can virtually hear my bleached-to-high-heaven hair slurping them up from the next county. But just sometimes, I try a product that makes me do a double-take – and It’s A 10 Miracle Mask was one of them.

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Nobody's Perfect.


Every cloud has a silver lining, they say – and for those of us at Beauty Bible, it is seeing how everyone’s gone au naturel, in the past few weeks. Google ‘bare-faced celebrity’ and you can marvel at an unrecognisable Drew Barrymore .