Top 10 Detox & Boot Camps Worldwide

22nd August 1 shared standard £1095 1 private standard £1395 1 private en suite £1495/£1595 1 four poster or garden suite £1695.

The price tag: £97, including training, a t-shirt and a celebratory dinner; week’s accommodation from £882 (based on three sharing)

At Slimmeria we aim to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to enable our customers to switch off completely from a busy and stressful lifestyle. For this reason mobile ‘phone use is restricted to private rooms and outside recreation areas.

Reboot Fitness Retreat | 5-Day Residential Bootcamp | Home

The promise: Morning yoga on sandy beaches. Check. Surfing in warm turquoise waters. Tick. Plus paddle boarding, dolphin spotting and guided meditation. You’ll come home stronger, more balanced and feeling like a new human. Where do we sign up?

You will achieve life long and in some cases life-saving changes. You’ll get results on our Weight Loss Retreats exclusively for women – the average weight our clients lose is 9 lbs, or 6 inches. You would expect to shed some weigh of course …but you’ll also learn how to keep that weight off, with an intelligent focus on behaviour, exercise and nutrition as well as some good old fashioned R&R.

Boot Camps for Weight Loss & Fitness | Prestige Boot Camp

Best Bootcamps no. 11: Functional training bootcamp, Lanzarote.

Keep It Simple and Bounce Back Retreats.

Variety and fun are at the forefront of the weight-loss and fitness bootcamp programme, so you won’t just be running and doing push-ups all day. Our exercise choices are designed to deliver great results and keep you motivated 24/7.