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The second idea is more peculiar: that potions can actually help your body get rid of toxins. Like so much in the pseudoscientific alternative therapy industry, this is a bit of a moving target, because when PR people are churning stuff out as they go along, they tend not to agree even with each other.

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There isn’t the slightest reason to think it will strengthen body’s fight against cancer cells (that looks like a breach of the Cancer Act to me).

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Garnier Clean Detox Anti-Dullness Foaming Gel “Detoxifies by cleansing the skin’s surface” MG Detox Shampoo Trevor Sorbie “Deep cleansing and clarifying shampoo” Boots Detox Body Brush “Ritualistic body brushing helps expel toxins through the skin” Innocent Natural Detox Smoothie “Helps neutralise nasty free radicals which can cause damage to your body’s cells” Vitabiotics Detoxil 15 day support “Helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and pollutants caused by the excesses of a busy life” V-Water Detox “Cleanse your system and whisk away the polluting nasties” 4321 Shape Up and Detox “To drain off water and toxins” and “purify the body” Boots Detox 5 Day Plan Works “in harmony with your body to flush away toxins” Farmacia Spa Therapy Detox range To “rid your body of these damaging toxins” Crystal Spring Detox patches “I’m the easy way to detox, just put me on one foot at night and take me off in the morning” Fushi Holistic and Health Solutions Total Detox Patch “it acts as a toxin sink and absorbs impurities through your feet”

One nice thing about the pamphlet is that each item is written by a young scientist (including my close neighbour, Daniella Muallem). They are all people at an early stage in their career, but they care enough to spend time dissecting the rubbish spread by companies in order to part you from your money.

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