6 Easy Ways To Detox Your Feet Quickly At Home | Detox

If you have some time, relax for 30 minutes by lying down. The nerves get soft after dipping your legs in water, thus it's best not to put pressure on them by walking.

How this works Warm water is really effective in reducing leg ache. Warm water increases blood circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. All this helps relax our muscles and in getting a good night's sleep. Rock salt in the water helps in treating the pain. That is why when we use bath salts, our body feels so light and relaxed.

Method 1: Apple cider vinegar to detox your feet The list of benefits of apple cider vinegar is long. To detox your feet with apple cider vinegar, you will need 1 tablespoon ACV, 2 tablespoon rock salt, 3-4 drops of essential oil and moisturiser/mustard oil.

HOW TO DETOX THROUGH YOUR FEET - Natural Healing Magazine

How to detox Take warm water in a bucket. The water should cover the area below your knees and should be moderately warm and not very hot.

Method 2: To detox your feet Another easy way to detox your feet is by using mustard oil, himalayan salt, lemon and warm water.

Mix all the above ingredients in water apart from the moisturizer. Soak your feet for 15 minutes in water and clean your feet with a towel. Now moisturise your feet with any cream or mustard seed oil.

The easy way to detox your body is by detoxing your feet. Here's how.