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Sugar overconsumption also feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. Your gut is made up of trillions of bacteria (a.k.a. bugs) and what you eat influences which bugs are in control. Sadly, bad bugs thrive on simple carbs, especially sugar. When you eat too much, you’re promoting the growth of candida and yeast—both of which cause brain fog, rashes, digestive issues, and more.

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The sugar hangover: What happens when you eat too much sugar.

These tips are meant to help you bounce back from the symptoms of a sugar binge. You might find 7-day sugar detox programs online, but any dietitian worth their salt (or sugar) will tell you that you shouldn’t restrict or punish yourself for eating too many grams of sugar. It happens. The best solution is to take a sustainable approach to nutrition and return to your normal style of eating.

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Why exercise helps speed up your sugar detox.

You can eat your way back to balance after a carb binge. Here’s some inspiration for your sugar detox diet meal plan: