Restorative Cucumber, Lemon and Parsley Drink - Detox DIY

Interesting fact – in Russia, essential oil of curly parsley seeds is included in the list of narcotic and poisounous substances!


Parsley is high in antioxidants (source), which help fight damage from inflammation and even help fight against cancer (source). Parsley has strong antibacterial and anti fugal properties (source) – which help fight skin breakouts, freshen breath and body odor. Being a diuretic, parsley reduces edema and bloating (source). Parsley is beneficial to the digestive system, and reduces risk of gastric diseases (source). Parsley is good for the kidneys, it regulates body PH (by reducing acidity in the body while increasing it in your pee) and lowers risk of kidney stones (source).

Heavy Metal Detox Drink - Using Cilantro, Parsley Juice


Even though I call this juice, it’s technically a smoothie, since we are processing the whole parsley, apple and ginger, as opposed to extracting juice while discarding fiber. All the fiber remains intact and we get to enjoy its health benefits. This drink actually acts and tastes more like juice. Juice that you pay $12 for at Whole Foods.

Pineapple Parsley Detox Drink | Chef Cynthia Louise

Instructions Combine all ingredients in a high-powered blender (I use Blendtec). Process until smooth. Enjoy right away!

Parsley has a long history that goes back to Ancient Greece. According to a legend, a child of half-god was bit by a snake and parsley sprung from the rocks where his blood spilled. This child was renamed Archemorus, ‘forerunner of death’. The word parsley itself stems from a Greek word petroselinon , which means rock celery .

In Ancient Rome, gladiators ate parsley before fights, supposedly it gave them strength and courage. I don’t know that my either my strength or courage levels go up after eating parsley, but who doesn’t like a good story…