How to spot fake: Beats by Dr. Dre: Headphones - 8 Steps

My beats pro have no space betwen beats and pro ,dr dre's face is not dark ,they have serial number,they sound amazing,the aluminium is not brushed but they comed with a flat red cleaning cloth ,and a cable that have distance from the coil are they fake ?

Just to give you some info about the beats pro. The debut design of the box for the pros had a space in between the lower left hand text, however after the monster-Dre split, revisions were made to all beats products. The reason for most fakes having the space is because they picked the earliest design and kept manufacturing it. Some people may notice that the serial number is on the left earcup instead of the right; these are certainly not fakes, as they are eligible for warranty and validity, but this indicates a refurbished product. At one time there may have been one on the right earcup, but after the product was refurbished it was removed and a new serial number was put in place on the left earcup meaning it was refurbished.

Just giving you a heads up. the fake pairs can have serial numbers. I just bought a pair from Ebay and they had a serial number, but when you go to register it on it says that the number is already on file. that is how i figured it out.

Mine have evidence of fake real. My cable has the coil close to the adapter and the serial number sticker like the real ones, also do not have a sticker on the box like the picture, but have the flat cleaning cloth, dre's face is a little dark, and the tm is after the beats not the pro.


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Hello. I would like to buy Beats Pro sea blue limited edition. I found ones but there is not serial number above the earcup. Only at box. Does it mean they are fakes? Thanks.

Also..a heads up. You can put in ANY number in at beatsbydre and it takes it. NOTa good verification tool.