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This box has come to me like a boon. I party a lot and usually need a quick fix to reset my system back on track. I think this is ‘that’ perfect one day schedule which is damn easy to follow..thank you team Anjali Mukerjee and Health Total. Told all my friends about this and they have placed their expected by tomorrow..


All things to be consumed in a day in a small box…unbelievable..but true. I am a working professional and have no time to follow a plan even to detoxify my body. My job is stressful and i have junk food most of the time..felt the need to cleanse my body but always failed due to lack of time. This box has all ready to use products which i had to follow as per the schedule mentioned in the easy to follow manual which comes in the box. This is my go to box whenever i feel the need to detox…

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This one month kit is very effective and the products are natural and very good for cleansing your body from within. I will do this again.It makes me feel lighter.

This 1 day detox box is very easy to follow and everything comes in a box which one has to follow. Feeling lighter and refreshed.

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I have recently got married and have gained a lot of weight. I came across with the ad about detox in a box by Anjali Mukerjee. I have lost 4kgs in a month just at home with easy to follow diet plan. I am really Thankful to Anjali Mukerjee for this.

With our natural herbs and protocol, our complete focus is to help you Reset, Restore and Revitalize the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. The kit we provide along with our daily coaching support is a strategically planned kit to maximize your results. While certain herbs work on helping cells to release abnormal fat and toxins, others help to restore hormonal balance. Simultaneously, certain herbs help to clear excessive mucus, fungi and parasites out of the body.