The good news is the single act of abstaining from alcohol is in my estimation at least 50% – 60% responsible for the incredible amount of healing my liver has accomplished within the first 4 to 6 months alone, not to mention the 14 years it has been since, and 100% responsible for me being alive today.

Scared here , I have raised liver enzmiems 124 and was just sent for an ultrasound where music called two weeks after the ultrasound to give me the results ( actually had his nurse call me ) to say that I have a fatty liver. Beside that everything else is fine . They were very matter of fact. I am frustrated because I know I need to get my health together and drop drinking. I made an appt to see my doc but I may change my family doc now since I am not pleased with how they are handling this and I an a wreak.

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How the Liver Detoxes from Alcohol - Detox & Drug Rehab

I hope things are improving. Change your diet high protein increased vegetables and learn to love lemons and grapefruit. I was on the transplant list and now my meld score is to low for transplant and I’m continuing to improve daily. Not one doctor told me to change my diet or increase water intake. I learned this online on sites like this.

Depending on what stage you are in your alcoholism, you may have caused serious damage to your liver. You have heard the expression, “What’s done is done.” This is not always the case with your liver. Since this is one of the only regenerative organs by nature, it’s actually possible to physically restore it to the state it was in before problem drinking began.

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Just like the skin, serious or repetitive damage to the liver cells can cause scarring. And also like how normal scars tend to look different from the rest of the skin, scarred liver cells just don’t function the way that they’re supposed to.

It’s smart you changed your doctor but don’t solely depend on man. Change your diet as the article said AND take Milk Thistle and ‘Liver Refresh’. Drink alkaline water also, at least half of your body weight a day… at least. God bless you.