Spring detox: cleanse your liver naturally - Chinese

Mentally prepare: Writing in a journal has been a very effective mental exercise to be able to check-in with yourself and your cleanse journey.

Try making a brothy miso soup with a small amount of leafy greens simmered with dried shiitake mushroom. Barley soup is a classic liver tonic during the spring. One of my favorite spring liver remedies is a fresh vegetable juice of carrot-beet-green apple and just a squeeze of lemon juice. This is the time of the year to minimize oven cooked foods (baking) and emphasize blanching, steaming, quick sauteing, juicing, pressed, raw, and pickled foods. A winning vegetable dish is peeled and cubed beets, slow cooked with a little water and a pinch of salt. Add a few drops of umeboshi vinegar when tender and a squeeze of lemon at the table.

Detoxing and Chinese Medicine.

The Liver in Chinese Medicine

Above everything else, it is most important to listen to your body and its needs. When starting a cleanse, it is critical to not eliminate all foods and drinks all at once. Look at it more like a morning routine, it helps you get prepared for the day. Our bodies need the same time and careful preparation.

So regarding food, think light and fresh, not heavy. Think green. Our emotions have a very significant effect on the liver. To help the liver, practice patience and forgiveness. Have compassion and try to let go of resentment. The liver is hurt by negative feelings and holding onto the past. Strive to be free of these emotions, anger keeps us stuck in all ways. Get outdoors, go to a park and rest in the grass.

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She runs a private practice in Ivanhoe and is the trusted family physician of many. Elaine is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She completed a Bachelor of Health Science – TCM, majoring in Acupuncture, and a hospital internship in China in 1998. Elaine is the Principal Practitioner at Freedom Chinese Medicine, managing a dedicated team of practitioners & staff, and supervises many TCM students in clinical training. Elaine’s passion for Chinese Medicine has her regularly furthering her education, Qi Gong training and sharing knowledge.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.

In Chinese medicine toxins play a big role in the pre-mature aging of the skin and can lessen the tenacity of the dermal layers. Also, "Heat-toxins" are the cause of many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, rashes, and acne marked by redness and inflammation. Additionally, the skin is part of the Metal Element and Lung energetic organ system and must be supported while treating skin disorders. Toxins can accumulate in the Blood and cause Blood Stagnation, so one treayment strategy is to move Blood while simultaneously removing Heat. Consider our organic Central River formula!