21-Day Sugar Detox Challenge: Tips, Recipes & Meal Plan

MORE SUPPORT FOR MINDSET AND SOCIAL SITUATIONS Worried about what others might think of you? Think the 21DSD might be too hard? The Daily Guide has an entire chapter dedicated to mindset with exercises to work through common pitfalls before you start the detox. You've got this!

You crave what you eat. that means that the more you eat healthy foods, the more you'll crave those healthy foods. And those healthy foods become even more enjoyable as your taste buds change in your body feels better as a result of the improved nutrition (64). eating more carbs will not increase your cravings (66). A sweet potato with some ghee and cinnamon is such a wonderful way to provide your body with good carb. Sugar consumption plays a role in chronic inflammation in two main ways (68): depleted nutrients stores from overconsumption of bad carbs lead to a chronic state of stress in the body, and that means inflammation. Chronically high and/or low blood pressure— that blood sugar roller coaster that comes from consistently ingesting too many bad carbs— create a stress State for the body, and again, that means inflammation.

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When your blood sugar is in alternately spiking hit crashing throughout the day, your body's stress response is lowered, which leads to an easier time falling asleep and more restful sleep. Furthermore, when you have more energy throughout the day you can expend more energy, which also leads to more restful sleep (70).

THREE LEVELS TO MEET YOU WHERE YOU'RE AT! If you’re currently eating the Standard American Diet or if you’re a hardcore Paleo enthusiast, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide has a plan just for you. If you're an athlete, pregnant or nursing mom, pescetarian, or have an autoimmune disorder, The Daily Guide will show you how to build a 21DSD plate to meet your needs.

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The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide is a new approach to the 21DSD that gives you exactly what you need as you need it - with more daily support and zero guesswork.

SUPPORT FOR THE WEEKS BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR DETOX Preparation is key! Daily content for the seven days BEFORE and AFTER your detox is over to help you make your detox as successful as it can be!

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