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Read more 8.5, I think, instead of below 5), which doesn't make much sense since I'm veggo & eat reasonably healthily anyway. By simply not eating some stuff (chocolate, cheese, full-fat anything etc) at all I've shed 7.5kg in 3 weeks, but that "doesn't make sense" aspect bugs me so I'm gunner try 4321 at her (stunningly honest) word & see if that can clean things up for me as it seems to be doing for her. If 4321 doesn't help much, I'll have to find someone I really trust & try an, um, whipped-cream based physical program with her. (-: Simple, easy to use, costs weight also. Recommender doesn't like the nausea she gets from the appetite suppression, cost (yeah, but it _is_ cheaper than dying :-)

While there may be health benefits associated with body cleansing, negative side effects can also occur. Prescription medications and certain health conditions can be associated with increased risk of side effects. Interactions may also occur if other herbs are consumed during the detox diet. Before starting any natural detox plan, it is typically recommended users seek medical advice.

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I would be pretty leery of trying any kind of home detox, especially one that promises to cleanse excess food clogging the colon. The whole idea has no basis in scientific fact!

Part of the reason she started was because she was "fat" (no, neither hordes of wolf-whistles from the crowd, nor blokes walking into things while she's around seem to count for very much there :-) & this does seem to be helping her with that "problem" so far.

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Maybe this was an indication that it was working, but I just couldn't stick with it long enough to find out. sunshined December 24, 2011.

This is the first detox cleansing diet I had tried, so really didn't know what to expect. My main goal was to cleanse my body of the bad stuff and give myself a fresh, clean start.