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From there I slowly reintroduced proteins and carbs into my diet over the weekend and still felt great heading into work the following Monday.

I drank three juices and plenty of water throughout the day but arrived home from work feeling cold and hungry.

At times I struggled to concentrate in work, but drinking the right juices at the right times delivered a sweet boost just when I was flagging the most.

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Thinking of doing a weight busting juice cleanse? We tried it out!

Eventually, I relented and heated up a bowl of vegetable soup before filling up my hot water bottle and hitting the sack early.

In the quest for a new year, new me, so far this month I have started swimming in the Irish Sea (well I have been once to be precise), going for hikes up the Dublin mountains AND I decided to try out a juice cleanse in a bid to really make my body a temple.

I felt great heading into work and throughout the morning after snacking on a concoction of red pepper, beetroot, carrot, cucumber and lime juice.

Would I do it again? Absolutely - I'm already planning my next cleanse before heading off on holidays in May.