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Urban Detox provides you a public platform to encourage a strong sense of spatial qualities in a fast-paced urban circumstances. It is a competition of ideas, an opportunity to experiment and explore the limits of architecture. It focuses on creating a design that helps city dwellers to maximize their happiness, to heal their mind and body, to offer them freedom to live through self-expression, and most of all, to engage their five senses in experiencing space.

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At the same time our metabolic function are optimised and we can start building up our energy and stamina throughout each day. As medical ozone progresses through our body it activates and balances our immunity. This helps us to fight and recover from infections. It also enhances the body's capacity to neutralise free radical damage and protects our body from oxidative stress.

Your Urban Detox | Colon Hydrotherapy & Wellness Centre …

Your Urban Detox - 72 William Street - Paddington | Fresha

NIVEA Daily Essentials Urban Skin Detox +48H Moisture Boost Night Gel Cream pampers your skin overnight leaving it looking healthy, radiant and smooth the next morning. Providing skin with 48h moisture, this overnight detox night cream comes with bio green tea extract, anti-oxidant and hyaluronic acid. On top of the lightweight formula, NIVEA's overnight detox moisturiser also invigorates your senses with a refreshing scent.

In this video we distinguish the different types of Ozone and how Medical Ozone is generated for therapeutic use for Ozone Therapy. We cover the 4 distinctive properties of Medical Ozone and how it effects our body.